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Three thousand years ago, the legendary Quasar Sabers were placed into a
rock on the distant planet of Mirinoi. Now near the end of the 20th Century
on Earth, a space colony known as Terra Venture has gone is search of a new
world. This is when the planet Mirinoi is attacked, and a portal is opened
to Earth's moon. Five warriors step forward to challenge this evil and are
chosen by the Quasar Sabers to become the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. In
their adventures to find a new world, they must fight off the evil of
Scorpius and Trakeena. They are eventually thrusted into the Lost Galaxy by
the power of the Galaxy Book. There they must escape this insane dimension
and the grasp of the space pirate Captain Mutiny. After the escape of the
Lost Galaxy, they stake claim on a new world, which is the distant planet of
Mirinoi. By uniting two planets in harmony, they have all gone where no one
has gone before. To witness this entire adventure, be sure to watch the
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy wherever it is found.

Go Galactic!

Valerie Vernon AS Kendrix Morgan / Pink Ranger Melody Perkins AS Karone / Pink Ranger Cerina Vincent AS Maya / Yellow Ranger Archie Kao AS Kai Chen / Blue Ranger Reggie Rolls AS Damon Henderson / Green Ranger Danny Slavin AS Leo Corbett / Red Ranger Russel Lawrence AS Mike Corbett / Magna Defender Tom Whyte AS Commander Stanton Donene Kistler AS Alpha 6 Julie Maddalena AS Deca Kim Strauss AS Scorpius Amy Miller AS Trakeena Tom Wyner AS Furio Derek Stephen Prince AS Treacheron Bob PapenbrookD AS Deviot David Lodge AS Villemax Richard Cansino AS Kegler Glen McDougal AS Captain Mutiny Richard Epcar AS Barbarax Rajia Baroudi AS Hexuba

Quasar Quest
Part I

Summary: Terra Venture embarks on a new world, meanwhile the jungle planet of Mirinoi is under attack. Can a group of soldiers help the jungle princess Maya save her planet?

Character Intros: Kendrix Morgan (GSA officer), Maya (jungle princess), Kai Chen (GSA officer), Leo Corbett (stowaway), Mike Corbett (GSA officer 2nd in command), Commander Stanton (In Charge of Terra Venture), Furio (attacks Mirinoi in an attempt to get the Quasar Sabers)

Arsinal Intro: Quasar Sabers

Quasar Quest
Part II

Summary: When Kai and his new friend Damon bring the Astro Megaship to help his friends, they are chosen by the Quasar Sabers to become the Galaxy Rangers. Mike falls into a chasm leaving his destiny to his younger brother Leo. A new team of Power Rangers is born.

Character Intros Cont'd: Kendrix Morgan (Pink Ranger), Maya (Yellow Ranger), Kai Chen (Blue Ranger), Damon Henderson (Megaship's Mechanic/Green Ranger), Leo Corbett (Red Ranger), Alpha 6 (Megaship Assistant), Deca (Megaship Computer), Scorpius (Insect King), Trakeena (Insect Pricess)

Arsinal Intro: Transmorphers, Astro Megaship

Race To The Rescue

Summary: When Maya hears a call for help, the Rangers go in search of those in need and release the Galactabeasts who become their new allies.

Special Villian: Radster

Character Intros: Wildcat Galactabeast, Wolf Galactabeast, Gorilla Galactabeast, Condor Galactabeast,
Lion Galactabeast

Rookie In Red

Summary: When Kai scolds Leo for letting the weapons get stolen from the weapons bay, he is kidnapped, when Horn steals the Quasar Sabers. Luckily, the Rangers are able to retrieve their Quasar Sabers and uncover the lost Transdaggers.

Special Villian: Horn

Arsinal Intro: Transdaggers: Beta Bow, Delta Daggers, Cosma Claw, Trans Blaster, Magna Talon


Summary: When another stowaway (a kid this time) tries to take over Terra Venture, to the ship around so he can go home, the whole colony is put to sleep by Gasser. With the help of the Jet Jammers, the Rangers are able to take back the colony from Furio. The Galactazords combine to create the Galaxy Megazord.

Special Villian: Gasser

Arsinal Intro: Jet Jammers

Zord Intro: Wildcat Galactazord, Wolf Galactazord, Gorilla Galactazord, Condor Galactazord,
Lion Galactazord, Galaxy Megazord

The Lights Of Orion

Summary: When Furio goes in search of the Lights of Orion, he discovers only one of good can unlock it. A so-called brother Mike returns and tricks Leo into unlocking the chest. Once Mike is revealed to be really Mutantrum, Furio discovers the box was empty.

Special Villian: Mutantrum

Arsinal Intro: Astro Cycles

Double Duty

Summary: When it turns out that Kendrix has a movie star double named Carolyn, the Rangers go to meet her. When Carolyn breaks her leg, Kendrix takes over for her for a while. Kendrix teaches Carolyn the value of not quitting, when the evil Wisewizard attacks.

Special Villian: Wisewizard

Arsinal Intro: Quasar Launchers

The Blue Crush

Summary: When Kai is taking care of Commander Stanton's daughter Jody, he falls for a girl Hannah while iceskating. Meanwhile, Furio has Quakemaker ripping Terra Venture apart in search of the Lights of Orion.

Special Villian: Quakemaker

The Magna Defender

Summary: When, Leo is injured in battle with Furio, the mysterious Magna Defender appears on the scene. He battle Treacheron in order to get the Lights of Orion, but it turns out to be another dud.

Special Villians: Starcon & Samuron

Character Intro: Magna Defender, Treacheron

Arsinal Intro: Magna Blaster

The Sunflower Search

Summary: While Fishface is attacking Terra Venture looking for the Lights of Orion, the Magna Defender wants revenge because of the death of his son Zika. The Rangers try to stop the Magna Defender from destroying someone in his rage, and he eventually calls upon his Torozord to become the Defender Torozord.

Special Villian: Fishface

Zord Intro: Torozord, Mega Defender, Defender Torozord

Silent Sleep

Summary: When Chillyfish puts the colony asleep, Leo is the only one that remains unaffected. With the help of the Magna Defender, he must destroy Chillyfish and restore the colony to normal.

Special Villian: Chillyfish

Orion Rising

Summary: When Destruxo searches Terra Venture for the Lights of Orion, he creates a force field that traps Kendrix and Maya inside. They must work together to destroy the force field and when they do, the Lights of Orion come out into the open. Everyone chases after them, but they disapear. Something tells me the Lights of Orion will be back.

Special Villian: Destruxo

Orion Returns

Summary: When the Lights of Orion return, Destruxo chases it down and obtains the power. He is nearly invincible until the Magna Defender is able to defeat it out of them. But then he must watch as his dream shatters and the Power Rangers obtain the amazing power of the Lights of Orion.

Special Villians: Destruxo & Impostra

Arsinal Intro: Lights of Orion (newly enhanced Quasar Sabers)

Shark Attack

Summary: The Shark Brothers bust Treacheron out of jail after being framed by Impostra. Treacheron challenges the Galaxy Rangers on a fight to the finish. They use the power of the Lights of Orion to destroy him once and for all. The Shark Brothers avenge his death, but the Galaxy Megazord destroys them with the power of the Lights of Orion.

Special Villians: Shark Brothers

Zord Intro: Galaxy Megazord (Power-Up Mode)

Redemtion Day

Summary: When the Scorpion Stinger begins to leak fuel, they must refuel by draining power from the Terra Venture. Terra Venture will be dead in a couple of hours if they don't stop them. The Magna Defender becomes the Defender Torozord to stop it, knowing it might destroy Terra Venture.. he doesn't care as long as Scorpius is destroyed. The Rangers try to convinve the Magna Defender to stop his madness, but he won't listen. It takes a vision from his son Zika to help him relize that he must fight in the name of good. The Magna Defender sacrifces himself to stop the explosion, releasing Mike, Leo's lost brother to them. Leo and Mike are happy to be reunited and the colony is saved.

Special Villian: Freaky Tiki

Destined For Greatness

Summary: Now that Mike is back, Leo is thinks he should return his Quasar Saber to Mike since he pulled it from the stone. But Mike must convince him that it was his destiny to become the Red Ranger. Meanwhile, the Rangers must face off against Skellekron. Meanwhile, the spirit of the Magna Defender shows up and tells Mike to carry on his legacy and gives him the Magna Morpher to become the Magna Defender.

Special Villian: Skelekron

Ranger Intro: Mike Corbett (Magna Defender)

Arsinal Intro: Magna Morpher

Stolen Beauty

Summary: Trakeena sends Crumummy down to Terra Venture to steal all the girls beauty. She eventually goes down to investigate herself in the form of Tracy a human form. Tracy finds and uses her sexy beauty to tempt Mike and nearly tricks him into drinking poison. But he is too smart for her and the with the help of the other Rangers, the Magna Defender defeats Crumummy and Trakeena. When Trakeena goes back to the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius wants her to enter a cacoon that would turn into a powerful monster, but she refuses and runs away.

Special Villian: Crumummy

The Rescue Mission

Summary: Mike and Leo must go on a special GSA mission to board a ship that has sent a distress signal. Once they get there, the crew relizes that ship was attacked a long time ago, and the distress call had been going on for quite some time. They must avoid an lunatic bug alien until the Power Rangers show up to destroy it. They escape just in time, with a souvenier, which seems to be an old book.

Item Intro: Galaxy Book

The Lost Galactabeasts
Part I

Summary: The evil Deviot brings his evil Galactabeasts to work for Scorpius. The Centaurus Megazord, Strataforce Megazord, and Zenith the Carrierzord are formed. However our heroes' Galactabeasts won't fight for some reason. Meanwhile, Kendrix tries to disover the secret of the Lost Galactabeasts in the Galaxy Book.

Villian Intro: Deviot

Zord Intro: C1 Centaurazord, C2 Centaurazord, C3 Centaurazord, C4 Centaurazord, C5 Centaurazord, Centaurus Megazord, S1 Stratazord, S2 Stratazord, S3 Stratazord, S4 Stratazord, S5 Stratazord,
Strataforce Megazord, Zenith the Carrierzord

The Lost Galactabeasts
Part II

Summary: Deviot is somehow controlling the evil Galactabeasts, which are later revealed to be the lost Galactabeasts. The Galaxy Megazord and Defender Torozord are able to convince the evil Megazords and Carrierzord to join the side of good. Scorpius is furious. Deviot must get rid of him, before he gets rid of him first.

Special Villian: Hardtochoke

Heir To The Throne

Summary: While Scorpius is looking for his daughter Trakeena, Deviot tricks him into believing the Rangers captured her. Meanwhile on the planet Onyx, she has found her way to a bar, where she is severely overpowered. She is befriended by Villemax and Kegler. Villemax vows to teach her how to become a true warrior. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers destroy Scorpius using the Lights of Orion. Trakeena rushes back to find her father dying. Scorpius gives Trakeena his power before he dies.. leaving Trakeena to succeed him and take out her revenge on the Power Rangers.

Villian Intro: Villemax, Kegler

An Evil Game

Summary: Trakeena plots her revenge agaist the Power Rangers by having Villemax and Deviot capture the Leo. Leo is brought into the Scorpion Stinger somewhere in the Mountain Dome. He is finally able to escape from the Scorpion Stinger at the last minute. Trakeena hunts him down and he morphs into the Red Ranger. The two of them go at it until the other Power Rangers show up to help. Trakeena vows she will get her revenge.

Special Villians: Kubuk & Teska